Thursday, April 17, 2014

IT investments


IT Solutions & Computers Club

LFT's area of IT Investments
We invest in technologies for:
- E-market development
- online and offline networking
- negotiation of projects or goals
- security reviews

LFT makes private investments without locked-in contracts to boost your business online power.. If we have approached your business, it means that a group of local farmers have given us your name to touch base and explore opportunities with you.

Revenues from LFT go to help farmers in need in your region. We believe in mutual cooperation and the first in line should be those that feed us: the farmers or the world!

Now, coming back to technologies: Costs of technologies are a big limitation to businesses. The know-how of those technologies triple the price from engineers and consultants to program the running plan of such Info-technologies. LFT has a solution for it.

We offer discounts for up to 30%, rebates and "mutual cooperation plans" to reduce the price factor to implement new and better technologies to profit from the online power of the local or global market.

Please talk to us to review how we can cooperate each other and make the most of your market opportunities with new IT solutions from LFT-Australia.

Friday, April 4, 2014

World Economy Crisis is coming.... are you ready?

Hi all,

we'll be closing LFT to oepn the CLUBrabbit, you can read it by loggin in from LFT's site :

or read the following:


this is a copy of the letter to a farmer:
Dear farmer:
LFT has successfully finished it’s life-cycle and we will have to close the former services we had open to avoid confusion with the clientèle.

We are not gone, we’ve just change new and more comfy shoes! became this CLUBrabbit hosting website, a club of people offering and/or seeking deals, rebates and free promotion from it’s clients in return of a juicy discounts up to 30%.

You may have heard of task-websites where people outsource services, our clubrabbit is a bit different because we offer discounts and promotion of one another (members). As well as raising capital for those members in need of an extra hand to face difficult times in a friendly supportive community.

CLUBrabbits went beyond micro-labour ( and delivers top class services and products too! Users can post their wish-lists and others will offer deals or negotiate a way to help each other.

Here’s how we were able to lend you that $10k at no interest and no contracts (and no effort at all from you) for the cooperative in little bits over 1 year:
- lft stickers (5 by 1 cm labels) were placed in 10 computers
- the users were able to buy software, hardware, services, etc
- after 12 months we collected on average $500 from each user as revenues.

If your farm decides appropriate to continue your services from LFT, now improved with the club-rabbits, you will have the option to:
- raise more emergency funds for your farm
- be rewarded with debt relief option offered by LFT
- explore other alternatives in sociable networks filled by club-rabbits keen to consume or cooperate with you.
- work plans with LFT to build a ’savings account’ with the process

I look at this CLUBrabbit site as fermenting food in my kitchen, when I just need to add a bit of grains to make my beer, cheese and yogurt. While I’m away those tiny little particle work hard digesting the food making it easier and more nutritious for me. I have to just place them in and forget about them!

Warm regard and thanks for trying to get us some eggs, lets hope that the chickens will be kind enough with us too…




rubencastro replied 

The famous CLOUD is just a bunch of servers, the infamous SOCIAL NETWORK is a stalk network full of bullying and waste! That’s why we designed the SOCIABLE NETWORK which is a CLOUD OF PEOPLE helping one another, making our communities more happy and productive.


rubencastro replied 

The farmer was in need of $10,000 to get it from a total estranger… see the video: we made an algorithmic reaction with collaborative consumption. . YOU MAY think this is about transport sharing, fix a chair, put together your IKEA stuff, share food, etc. BUT NO, we wanted to share software! And by doping that we were able to lend $10,000 to a farmer WITHOUT CONTRACTS! ha!

If you want to save your business, career or job contact us!



Thursday, April 3, 2014