Thursday, March 15, 2018

How people invest at LFT

They play an online "investment game" to learn how to invest using digital cryptocurrencies. YOU will request an investment support to obtain LFT's services or products and agree to pay back your sponsor on a monthly basis or any other payment.

With this process, NO debt is EVER generated. Everybody wins!

What is meant by mutual cooperation

"What is meant by mutual cooperation: Mutual cooperation means helping each other to achieve a goal." source:

With LFT-Australia:

  1. Mutual cooperation is defined by 2 or more parties helping one another.
  2. The support is not ONLY for one goal, it's understood that all participants have a GOAL.
  3. The participants MUST help each other with every INDIVIDUAL goal.
  4. Or else, abuse of one party over others can occur. 
  5. To avoid this, all parties express their goals and they seek together how they can help one another.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Business Development services / wage and consultant

A wage will be always lower than a consultant (per hour). But this information will give you an idea of a wage for a "traditional" 'business developer'. Add on top the costs of an specialized business developer with the "Web Apps" development background, it will go at least 30% more.

source: PayScale

App building / how much / how long it takes?

Average hours and cost:

App development costs:

App development stages:

Average app creation time required:

The developing time needed to build and app (Scrum):

Sources: buildfire and Fueled

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

LFT updated March 2018

LFT-Australia is a development education centre where people learn how to use the Internet more effectively. In few words "how to build your own net of opportunities inside and outside the Internet."

The Internet Crunch: "Website developers are not Business developers". This is why only 10% of e-commerce websites succeed on the net. At LFT, we were founded by Business Development Managers with InfoTech background.

We offer: lessons, consulting and support. We also offer a 'software shop' where you can obtain tools to strengthen your Internet position at reduced members' prices.

What we do: we finance and produce web apps for individuals, businesses, groups, advertising, politicians and governments.

Examples: (1) Web app for individuals to improve their employability. (2) Web app for improving sales by increasing options to build a wider consumers community. (3) Web app for advertising a game that brings together a target audience. (4) Web app for political objectives creating awareness to reach key stakeholders.

We have 3 options: (1) Do it yourself or DIY, pay only what you need -from $35-. (2) Finance, pay monthly usage fees -from $85- and (3) Production, we cover up to 51% of fees in exchange for a revenue percentage -from 5℅.

As well we have a "fair cooperation plan": in which labour and budgets are delivered by LFT under mutual cooperation agreements. Note: Plan stops if either party is not cooperating with the other. Time: Delivery takes more since it's based on top of our volunteers time and objectives; from 5 to 7 months of delivery time, instead of 3 to 4 months (on paid projects).

Fees: Do it yourself (DIY) from $25. Upgrades available. Membership is only $5 per life!

Extra info: Generally good quality web apps market costs are no lower than $3k to $25k. Coordination systems (for sales, advertising or awareness) are on average $45k for 2 years. As early adopters of crypto-currencies like bitcoin, LFT can invest in you reducing your upfront fees.

Talk to us: 0431 9  or international callers: +6143

Email us from:



Monday, March 12, 2018

SEO is a Sham – Miquel Hudin

SEO is a Sham – Miquel Hudin

Search Engine Optimization.
If you’re in the web industry and you haven’t heard this term, then
you’re really not in the web industry. For those of us who are, it’s
tossed around about as much as AJAX
these days. For those who are out of the loop, this is a fancy acronym
for work done to a website to make it friendlier to the search engines.
It can be something as simple as reworking a few bits of the site, to a
complete overhaul, to paying for the search results to be artificially
altered in that site’s favor.

There is some legitimacy to this practice, but in reality, the hype is
over the top. I go so far as to call it a sham because there are so
many shysters running around saying that they can do it and maybe they
can. Really though, it’s not that hard and this abbreviation is as
misleading as SUV. It’s all a clever marketing ploy that people have
latched on to and overuse.

Really, no site should ever need SEO work done to it. A site should be
designed properly from the start and maintained properly after that

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Beware LFT volunteers!

We volunteer for a reason and we made that clear from the very beginning. An option to exchange volunteering with each other is established from the very beginning, we show how the LFT volunteers can support in exchange of all the favours and support for the areas they want to achieve their goals. If that's not happening we run the risk to be abused, taken in a dentist, provide free labour or simply scammed.

Please read the information from the following link to understand the risks of volunteering and how you can be taken for a ride even when you're trying to do good!