Monday, June 18, 2018

Games and education

At LFT we went one step ahead: the employment market!

Business Architecture is Part of Enterprise Architecture - Philip Allega

A common misperception being hyped in EA circles concerns the notion
that business architecture is something different from enterprise
architecture. This is a blatant attempt to classify EA as something only
applicable to IT when, in fact, EA is applicable to the ENTERPRISE that
covers numerous viewpoints for stakeholders, including business, information, technology and solution architecture.

Where does this confusion come from?  To be blunt,
the number of practitioners who have only used EA for IT, focusing upon
the technology viewpoint of EA, have left a few large gaps in their
approach to developing their EA viewpoint.  These gaps include:

  1. Developing a business contextthat guides the advice and deliverables within the technology architecture viewpoint, and all other viewpoints.
  2. Consuming the resulting advice within, minimally, the IT  investment decision-making process.
  3. Creating a governance and assurance mechanism that communicates the change that has occurred, or not occurred, in light of EA advice.
A common mistake we see is when well-meaning EA programs conflate the
business architecture viewpoint of EA with the business context of EA. 
The business context of EA is formed of:

  1. A vision of the future state.  At Gartner, we call
    this the Common Requirements Vision.  This deliverable is typically
    10-12 pages and explicitly connects environmental trends, business
    strategies and requirements of business process and IT together in
    priority matrices.  This is a conceptual level document that requires
    confirmation of the target state, and its associated priorities, by the
    top of the governance decision-makers – typically, the people who decide
    how to allocate resources in the organization.
  2. A root, anchor model. The highest visualization of
    the enterprise, recognizable to the business, may be in the form of a
    business operating model, a hyper-extended view of the business
    ecosystem, business capability maps, a federated model or some
    combination of these for particular stakeholders.  All business
    processes, information, applications, solutions, technologies, people
    skills, people, other entities, are overlaid upon and disaggregated from
    this root, anchor, model.
  3. A set of guiding principles. These shape the
    investment and action behaviors of all those who seek to select, create,
    and implement anything within any EA viewpoint.

Business Architecture is Part of Enterprise Architecture - Philip Allega

Friday, June 15, 2018

LFT historical tale

"when nothing goes right, go left" LFT Australia a virtualisation game of opportunity and financial solutions, Inspired in

Creating alternate virtual realities, individualised in biocyenrnetic avatars, building the systems in nano neurals reshuflinjg composites in every action of the game players.

From theories to practice, from virtualisation to real life, the game allows us to create a strong mesh of databases and clusters supporting each other in our individual paths and goals even when cooperation is not available.

if nothing goes right go LFT!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Monaco crisis

Friday, June 1, 2018

Using smartctl to get SMART status information on your hard drives - TechRepublic

Using smartctl to get SMART status information on your hard drives - TechRepublic: Vincent Danen has some tips for using the smartmontools package to obtain important information about the health of your hard drives that could provide early warning signs of problems.

# smartctl --all /dev/sda

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Biggest Deal In The History Of Dragons' Den

Training 2 at LFT 

(proposed 1/June/2018)

Check how your neurons get exited, but follow the tutorial DO NOT jump any step.

---- Neural pathway test starts here -----

Read the top dog, shark, dragon investors' deal:
1- Read how to invest in Bitcoin like a shark investor: click me
2- Give it 5 minutes for the information to load in your brain. -stop here-
3- It is incredible, how millionaires capitalise in the opportunities and left other with nothing!
4- How to you feel about it? Write how you feel in a piece of paper. -stop here-
5- Would you invest the couple of hundreds on that idea? -stop here-
6- Go to their page and try to explore how to do it.
7- No luck, well, maybe is because:----- read next point...
8- Read the reviews: click me -stop here-

9- Do you remember how LFT was used to pay a family farm (Queensland, Australia) debt of over $300k?
10- You have the method (from training 1) use it! Talk to us!

How you can open your account for real life traders:
a) Study the LFT method
b) Play the game at
c) Post your idea to get investors attention (in the game)
d) Negotiate a solution with the gamers.
e) Open your 'development pack' sponsored by your investor
f) Achieve network potential
g) Hit the business angels and venture capital firms or Crowdfund! -among others
h) Grow baby grow!

You see? From a game (protected and secured environment) to a Fuc*ing real freek*ng LIFE!

Avoid others to tell you: So long, suckers!

---- Neural pathway test finishes here -----

We started this virtual reality online game in 2004: since then we can move the virtual bucks into 'flight miles', loyalty points, donations, free food, accommodation or cash. Our first virtual investors in the game had access to a couple of hundreds to buy a crazy and odd idea in 2009 called bitcoin (11 coins for just $1)... more things are happening, bitcoin was only the beginning...



Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Recover Data Like a Forensics Expert Using an Ubuntu Live CD

Recover Data Like a Forensics Expert Using an Ubuntu Live CD: There are lots of utilities to recover deleted files, but what if you can’t boot up your computer, or the whole drive has been formatted? We’ll show you some tools that will dig deep and recover the most elusive deleted files, or even whole hard drive partitions.