Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Add the following modules if you'd like to make it more interesting and useful:

    access for employments and workers adds
    make it social network friendly
    develop multi-networks


LFT is:
- a RSS publishing webpage
- investment in dot com potentials
- mass production of documents based on collective experience and potential of our users

Basic results of the first years of LFT:
- subscriptions to LFT's site allowed creation of "emergency fund" for farmers
- the farmer became an "investor" of human capital in dot com businesses
- collective intelligence and experience allowed our subscribers to negotiate good deals
- new human capital capabilities developed trust and market confidence bringin closer business opportunities with less stress

How LFT improves the life of our subscribers:
We transform our user into "investor of human capital options" in the dot com industry.

What is the result of such transformation
- MORE TIME: our innovation allows the linking of facts and tips = less time to waste in trial-and-error efforts
- LESS COMPLEXITIES: access to multi-networked solutions = increase attention in human capital
- LEGACY: a media to harness collective experience, tips and tools to achieve a goal = enable confidence and support (to and from one user with another) to offer a legacy of your idea/project/information to current and future generations.
- PARTICIPATION: in the global electronic economy with less risks and improved access to cooperation from like-minded people

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