Monday, August 21, 2017

Biometrics Applications in Marketing Research: Game Changing Marketing Research #2 - AMA San Diego

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  2. biometrics applications in marketing
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  4. disruptors.

Biometrics is viewed as part of the new science of neuromarketing.  The advantage of biometric measures is that they are accurate in measuring physical responses to stimuli even if people are not conscious of those responses. Several biometric applications augment traditional marketing research methods and measure responses such as cognitive workload, memory, attention, stress and sensory responses; however, these methods are not necessarily useful in measuring emotional responses

Considerations for Employing Biometrics in Marketing Research

People process their social environment in much the same way. Information flow, from perception to the storage and use of information, involves four processes:

  1. Attention (how we gather and select information)
  2. Interpretation (how we give incoming information meaning)
  3. Judgment (how we form impressions and make decisions about incoming information)
  4. Memory (the storage of that information for later use)

Biometrics Augments Traditional Marketing Research Methods

The use of biometrics allows marketing researchers to couple traditional research methods, such as interviewing people about what they are thinking and feeling, with measures that do not depend on verbal articulation. Furthermore, the use of biometrics allows researchers to tap into the minds of consumers as they mentally process and subconsciously respond to messaging and overall branding.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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