Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Internet Experience

I may not be a billionaire, but I have had a great Internet experience in my life. Moved from unpleasant closed economies in the third world to a more open world wide economy, living in more flexible and cooperative environments.

How that happened? It was nothing new; I've just used biocybernetics to update the knowledge of Sun Wu, tweaking it from my own experience on how to survive a civil war and implement it on the Internet as my key to achieve higher and more noble results.

First, you must image yourself on a war-like environment. Here are the basics of that system:
  1. keep alive: secure your position or else you are death meat (use common sense to avoid risk)
  2. know who you talk to: filter your friends or face the consequences (your mouth can kill you)
  3. have something handy: keep hold of something of value handy (you can trade your way out/in with it)
  4. learn to close deals quickly: be effective or be misunderstood and die... never waste precious time (never look back, look forward)

With those 4 qualities, I was able to survive war and later on, set up businesses to get me where I am today. Now, when we are retiring from software trading and brokerage. we are releasing this system in learning modules.

A better Internet experience will get you better information to learn how to move forward, be more efficient and better connected to the world wide network offered by it.

Just remember this: if you are not using the Internet to better your life/business, then the net or someone else is using you (even if you don't notice it).

NO time? think it twice...

Funny eh?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Postwar and business development

Surviving is not enough on a business. You must win! Let's make a comparison with a war environment (that I literally had to live); if you had the bad luck to be in the middle of war you need to keep in mind 3 corner stones:
  1. Your position: if you are not well positioned, you are doomed, a bomb or bullet can come to finish you.
  2. Your friends: you need to be careful to whom you talk to, or else... you will taste the results of bad positioning.
  3. Your leverage: having the power to negotiate can save your neck and protect those who you care for.
When you manage those 3, you gain 'reputation' and can move a bit more freely and secured. Then and only then you can showcase your value and run less risk to be troubled by some angry combatant.

Well, that was war survival for me when I was younger in El Salvador, now, coming back to business, it applies almost in the exact way. Your position, is your market position; your friends, are your contacts' networks and your leverage is your capacity to negotiate with others to create business opportunities.

The reputation you earn on a business can increase dramatically all the benefits of your marketing efforts with less costs for your advertising

But first, let's see how this actually helped me from where I was 15 years ago:
  1. Penniless in a third world country
  2. Without good connections
  3. No opportunities in the horizon
  4. Victim of a merciless and inflexible economy
Where I am now:
  1. Living and funding businesses in Australia and other countries.
  2. Inviting people to use the flexibility of the Online economy to save money and make money.
  3. Traveling the world, bringing the freedom message of sustainable development to people, organizations and businesses.
We have retired from the hassle of software development to a more relaxed position funding a club for managers and CEOs in Australia. This gave us the capacity to train people and businesses on how to use the Online economy to reach their goals.

Our members finance most of the fees for people in the third world and -in developed countries- we offer a flexible plan to get this education (the 3 corner stones described above). 

Education is key to avoid ignorance and waste of time. Having the Internet but lacking the skills to make it a real resource for your own development is like having a car without knowing how to drive it!

Plans start from $750 for 3 months and can go up to $20,800 (for advertising modules) per year to cover the learning materials, support and education resources. No contracts, no interest to pay and you pay what you can afford or its absolutely free for you if you cannot afford it.

Visit to learn how to drive the Internet in your favour! We'd love to help!

Note: benefits paid to us are shared with local schools and community groups.