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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hitchhiking your way up the ladder

In Biocybernetics we base business processes using mathematics. One of the basic equations we use is the Einstein's E=mc2 (or mc^2).

LFT-Australia has a "consumers' directory" system from where consumers enact their rights and benefit from a particular 'reverse advertising' (RA) process. Our RA enables them to explore other venues to benefit from the inmense industry if advertising and apply for peer to peer lending from LFT-Australia's members' wages.

In the past, LFT members used to volunteer our wages to help local farmers with what we can with the condition to be repaid without any interest. The system is growing day by day and the founders had NO intention to generate another mega corporation feeding from the need of the people.

So, the system was released under a simple method, a one page guide called "Hitchhikers Guide to E=MC2". LFT holds a database that mergers skillful people with their connections and opportunities. In this way we could isolate the variable that can make a big change: C.

In Einstein's theory, "C" stands for the speed of light square. "E" or the energy released by multiplying a minimalistic amount of mass "M". For example, the chain reaction of 10 grams of plutonium was able to release 160 Kilotons (equal to 160,000 tons of TNT) in Hiroshima.

LFT has developed a bridge between energy, cash and mathematics in a very simple way: "collaborative production of opportunities to share our wages with those who need it."

Here's a direct example with farmer Phil. He needs to buy a truck and LFT invited Phil to become a member and benefit from our collaborative production plan with E=MC2.

Let's clear the variables:
E= energy (in this case money that Phil can get from LFT as peer loan) = $3,000
M= money he can pay to activate the system = $450 (for business connection)
C= communication and contacts (number of people or steps to reach the goal)

$3,000 = MC2  (he can borrow $3,000 from LFT)
            = ($450) x C2
       C2= $3,000/$450
       C2= 6.67 approx to 7 trades or people

In few words: It means that Phil has to connect 7 people in his network to access LFT's directory by paying $450 each one. They get a service of:
- grants access
- grants exploration
- networking
- business tandem among other things

In this way Phil can borrow $3,000 from a service that was paid by LFT without risking too much.

Note: the quantity/quality of "M" defines the consumption capacity of his network. The old saying "the company you keep" can be transformed in a financial asset with it.

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