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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LFT intro

LFT is an open network of people keen to volunteer part of their wages to lend our local farmers (including pastoralists, rural businesses and indigenous groups) in exchange of key contacts and support to grow a better market presence online.

The process is called "salami saving", opposite of slicing. Salami slicing or penny shaving, is the fraudulent practice of stealing money repeatedly in extremely small quantities." more info about salami slicing

When the farmer shares information that can become an opportunity for an LFT member: the member starts a salami saving process, which is "the valid and honest practice of lending money repeatedly in extremely small quantities" using Kiva, a hand shake or other peer-lending companies.

In this way farmers are diversifying their options to obtain funds help from non-traditional sources: with a worldwide need of support, you can have a salami saving process of one person or one hundred. It's entirely up to you.

The process allows LFT to run a "cooperative production of opportunities" (CPOS) system to help our members connect with each other by spreading costs and reducing risks to bring a solution to one of the biggest problems in our world economy: "There is a never ending tide of people/businesses with skills but without the right support to review ways to access opportunities by improving communication/information systems keen to offer their salami savings to those who help them."

LFT's CPOS has it's own free software, operative system and online scripts to give freedom from corporations, political, financial and religious barriers. While others only use 'cooperative consumption', for our farmers that was not good enough. Since a 'production' widget was needed to create funds our CPOS delivered a sustainable answer: LFT's volunteers pay with their wages needs or opportunities for our local farmers.

Different CPO's are fuelling our "Consumers' Directory" from where 'reverse advertising campaigns' are initiated giving consumers the power to benefit from the monopoly of Advertising. Those using the advertising plans in the directory have access to:
- grants exploration
- networking
- business tandems

To support or seek support in our network you need to remember the 4 realities:
- Distance: Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.
- Security: never squat with your spurs on, don't offer want you can't deliver.
- Health: always drink upstream the cattle if you don't want to get sick.
- Efficiency: keep good company, if you are with losers/winners chances are you'll turn into one.

We have a quick guide (one page only) linking videos and other information that inspired our volunteers. The Hitchhikers guide to EMC2 is free. On it we explore the benefits of an information "hitch" and how -one after another- we can get to our goal.

You can be trained in the Hitchhikers guide to EMC2 free of charge. We host one free training every month. You only need to have a current membership. LFT allows the time and support to improve your communication instead of pushing: listen this or read it.

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