Wednesday, June 8, 2016

'Next big thing': Learn something from Vocation's collapse

One sector has arguably done a better job of destroying shareholder value than any other over the past few years.

If someone had designed a system to deliver exactly the wrong result for students, investors and taxpayers, it would look like this.

Welcome to vocational education and training (VET), a world where governments have handed over billions of dollars to businesses that appear to have delivered sub-standard education to students who are ill-equipped financially – and sometimes physically and mentally – to complete overpriced courses they were sold, but didn't want.


LFT's note:

- we have found 3 hubs to invest in: education, health and food (farms)

- the first investment to support skills-traders for up to $7,900 per person.

- the skillstraders will be able to use LFT-Australia's website, plus training and coordination services.

- Our fair-trade investors will support the creation of soft loans for developing nations to access this education

- the repayment of the education will be used to create emergency funds

- the emergency funds will be available to local farmers (who have supported this venture).

- Funds can be enabled in healthcare industries

Scaled investment: The programs will be released in bulks of 100 userscreating the capital in future repayments from the users:

- 100 x $7900 = $790,000

- 500 x $7900 = $3,950,000

- 1000 x $7900 = $7,900,000

Social and Economic impact: This program will allow low income households to grow a better future through the creation of new opportunities from the work experience abroad. Most of those families have no financial capacity to send their sons and daughters overseas and gain that valuable experience; only those with the capital can accomplish such actions. This economic divide keeps people struggling in the debt and unemployment cycle. Our program is opening a productive hope for them with superior training and technology.

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