Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Skills trader - skillsfunding ~~~training~~~

If you are trading your skills with LFT, you can use the free training from LFT or request upgrades. Sponsors may be keen to finance your upgrades once you get their attention by posting your information to us!

This is the free training:

Steps for your LFT activation as an skills trader:

  1. Learn probono, what it is and how it works
  2. Get your LFT account
  3. Read as much as you can from LFT's website 
  4. Study fair-trade principles
  5. Organise your linked-in profile
  6. Create a group in your LFT's profile area to connect with sponsors
  7. Download indeed app in your phone
Objectives: You can use LFT-Australia's website to help you get more networking in the 'area of work of your choice' and eventually help you connect to land more job options.

How it works: your sponsor will help you cover "coordination system" services or education from LFT-Australia (from $350 to $7,900), to support your career development with her/his networks with the condition that you pay back the services/education fees plus 15% to a LFT-Australia or to an account previously specified on a weekly basis (or when your employment allows it).

Ways to do it: Finish your activation steps, propose your information to the volunteers blog (this blog).  If you are contacted back, smile! You are one of the lucky ones!

You will be coordinated to:
  1. Get your presentation tools
  2. Design a work experience in your area of choice
  3. Negotiate with key networks
  4. Learn more about fair-trade documentation to protect your intellectual property
  5. Learn how to win more job contracts.

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