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a life in pop (Part 2 of 5) - YouTube

a life in pop (Part 2 of 5) - YouTube

Cyber Farmers - Landline - ABC

Cyber Farmers - Landline - ABC

Fair trade and freecycling

When you lift fair trade in your favour, it clarifies the benefits for you in the transactions of services or products in our economies. We will discuss the impact with farmers in this education module.

We share our idea of fair trade with farmers; they are used to the 2 dimensions length and breadth, with LFT we can farm the 3rd dimension, the space above their land, the cyberspace.

At LFT-Australia, we are cyberfarmers using the space above the land, beyond the conventional pay-per-service, we offer a freecycle option in exchange of produce and accommodation.

Our ideas are traded online, they create resources (technologies or cash). We share our ideas with farmers with the conditions:
1- create a fair trade transaction system.
2- develop a fair trade agreement.
3- support each other to build a systematic approach of prospective solutions.

Beyond recycling, we move to freecycling.

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Where to invade next


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Australian Post CEO resign


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Fwd: Interesting - sugar/cancer/ketogenic diet

Nginx « WordPress Codex

Nginx « WordPress Codex

This guide is referring to a standalone Nginx setup, where it is used as the primary server instead of Apache.
It should be noted that Nginx is not a completely interchangeable
substitute for Apache. There are a few key differences affecting
WordPress implementation that you need to be aware of before you

  • With Nginx there is no directory-level configuration file like
    Apache's .htaccess or IIS's web.config files. All configuration has to
    be done at the server level by an administrator, and WordPress cannot modify the configuration, like it can with Apache or IIS.
  • Pretty Permalinks functionality is slightly different when running Nginx.
  • Since Nginx does not have .htaccess-type capability and WordPress
    cannot automatically modify the server configuration for you, it cannot
    generate the rewrite rules for you.
  • Without modifications to your install, "index.php" will be to be
    added to your Permalinks. (There are ways to mitigate this with plugins
    (see below) and/or adding custom code to your child theme's
  • However, if you do want to have some (limited) .htaccess capability, it is technically possible to do add by installing the htscanner PECL extension for PHP. (However, this is not a perfect solution so be sure to test and debug thoroughly before using on a live site.)

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Killing Kaztner


Pope Francis: Why didn't allies bomb railway routes taking prisoners to Auschwitz? | The Independent

Pope Francis: Why didn't allies bomb railway routes taking prisoners to Auschwitz? | The Independent

The Pope has attacked the world’s “great powers” for
failing to do more to protect the victims of the Holocaust, asking why
they did not bomb railway routes used to carry prisoners to Auschwitz.

a stinging assessment of the actions of the allies during World War II,
Pope Francis said they did no act on intelligence indicating Jews,
Christians, gays and Roma were being transported to death camps.

A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking

“What to do about mass unemployment? This is going to be a massive
social challenge. There will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot
do better [than a human]. These are not things that I wish will happen.
These are simply things that I think probably will happen.” — Elon Musk

A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking

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Silence / movie


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Coordination Systems from LFT | the market

We are planning to sale this to individuals, schools (governments) and universities. As well as  parents (for their kids).

Crowdfunding to Fund the Farm - AgConnect

Crowdfunding to Fund the Farm - AgConnect

Bon's story

Bon's story

Outbreak White spot disease

The problem come from overseas? So the R&D must come from there.... LFT-Au must organise a coordination system for international professional and students, raise the revenues and share with our farmers....
 -lft note---

Outbreak White spot disease

White spot disease is a highly contagious viral infection that affects crustaceans.

sixth prawn farm on the Logan River in South East Queensland has
returned positive results for white spot syndrome virus – which causes
white spot disease.

The farm has completed its harvest of all
ponds. The next steps will be to treat the water remaining in these
ponds. Prawns harvested from the farm have been cooked to meet
biosecurity requirements.

Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
has completed its destruction of infected prawns in production ponds on
the five previous infected farms. Efforts will now focus on treating
the water and removing biomass from these ponds. Once the biomass is
treated it will be disposed of under strict biosecurity protocols. The
ponds will then undergo a drying out and decontamination period. It is
estimated that the disposal and decontamination phase will take several

The national Aquatic Consultative Committee on Emergency
Animal Diseases meets regularly to provide technical and expert advice
as the response in Queensland progresses. Based on current information
and good progress, the committee remains of the view that the disease
can be eradicated.

National response arrangements are in place, including
AQUAVETPLAN which sets out agreed destruction, disposal and
decontamination activities.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

LFT is ----


ABOUT US: LFT is the first website to connect fair trade investors with investment applicants! It includes a holidays' club because life should be fun, not only live chasing after money! The system helps the applicants to improve their success chances by using our "professional development" and showcase their value when requesting funds from traditional funding sources. It helps our members to help save the world one dollar at a time as well as having great holidays!

HISTORY: Just by chance, we developed a financial system to trade opportunities in exchange of accommodation to build emergency funds for a local farmer... People paid for them online in our website, little bits of cash started trickling in the system and funds went up from $150 to six digits checks that helped our farmer friend. For the nerdy of you here's the secret potion of mathematics used: genetic biocybernetic algorithm reactions. For the rest of us: don't you wont need that! :)

USAGE: (1) Fair Trade supporters can learn how to become fair trade investors and help the world. (2) Investment or fund raisers can obtain the support from our investors/sponsors to make better financial plans. (3) Individuals can apply for "professional development" programs and travel the world in our holidays' club as we did -and still do-. (4) Old students can use our accommodation system to save lots in their holidays!


CRASH COURSE, how to start for beginners:
1- go to www.lftaustralia.com.au
2- post your opportunity (accommodation, skills, idea, etc.)
3- if you get any feedback you may obtain a free membership
4- if you did not get any feedback you can buy a membership
5- visit the forum are for the frequent asked questions
6- apply for a free education program
7- finish your education material (there are free trainers ONLY one day per week -Thursday- but you can obtain paid support)
8- talk to your sponsor/investors and organise your LFT1.0 the education program paid by your investors to learn how we use fair trade at LFT-Australia to create emergency and investment funds.
9- Prepare your business case and executive summary
10- Present your application for funding to funding sources.

How to become a fair trade investor:
go to LFT-Aus' webpage, obtain a membership, request a 'professional development program' learning program (from $3,900) for fair trade investors. It will take you 2 weeks online or 4 face to face consultations. Then you will have access to the investment opportunities to support ideas from our network.

LFT raffles and travels

Raffle for Holidays
- Free accommodation
- Stay in Buenos Aires, Madrid, Shiraz or New York
- LFT will cover the first 5 days
- Available for members with a current subscription to "professional development"

Lift Fair Trade (LFT) is a website for investors and people seeking investment in fair trade. Our shareconomy program includes "accommodation" to travel worldwide (Europe, The Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia). Our members talk to each other about opportunities and ways to cooperate using fairtrade principles. LFT-Au runs an education and coordination system to help you use fair trade in your benefit.

LFT-Aus' Discussion and Support groups
Instead of creating more cooperatives, we have designed "consumer based groups" to approach issues in our community and open a door for discussion and/or support.

What are the discussion or support groups
- formed by consumers
- space to share information (online and face to face)
- invite people to participate in learning to test solutions.
- no centralized structure, it's a meshed consistency
- we participate under fair trade principles or no discrimination.
- meetings online (via forum) or in selected venues (coffee shops, libraries, offices).

You can use www.lftaustralia.com.au to trade your skills, products or services linked to fair-trade. We will help you to find a niche market with the condition that payments are made to LFT-Australia and we share a fair percentage with you. We have 2 plans:

Plan 1: The top rate consulting service from LFT is $450, if you get 20 slots, you are trading $9,000 that (under fair trade agreements) will be paid to LFT-Australia and shared with you on a fair percentage. Yearly average of $108,000.

Plan 2: On basic subscriptions with $38 per month, if your idea (service or product) picks 200 new subscribers, it will create a $7,600 income per month = $91,200 per year.

From those sales a percentage is shared to local farms linked to the system and helping the creation of sales.

Full Metal Jacket - Wikipedia

Full Metal Jacket - Wikipedia

The Mouse That Roared - Wikipedia

The Mouse That Roared - Wikipedia

The Mouse That Roared is a 1955 Cold War satirical novel by Irish American writer Leonard Wibberley, which launched a series of satirical books about an imaginary country in Europe called the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.
Wibberley went beyond the merely comic, using the premise to make
still-quoted commentaries about modern politics and world situations,
including the nuclear arms race, nuclear weapons in general, and the politics of the United States.

40 Minutes of the best life hacks


Delete your emails for COP22


Ray / film

Ray is a 2004 American musical biographical film focusing on 30 years in the life of rhythm and blues musician Ray Charles. Wikipedia

Ubuntu (philosophy) - Wikipedia

Ubuntu (philosophy) - Wikipedia

Cattle Algorithm | Metallica - Orion (Studio Version) - YouTube

Metallica - Orion (Studio Version) - YouTube


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PC club business case

Subscripion monthly membership $38 pc support

1- one free review per month

2- discounted services and software up to 45%

3- support to buy quality hardware online.

Life membership $150..

Business case

$456 = membership LFT

techs. $150 x2 = $300

software $75

hardware $120

tot: $495

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LFT-Australia 2017


LFT (Lift Fair Trade) is a systems' coordination/education service. We host an opportunity and holidays hub. Our investors and investment applicants get together and exchange information in our website as well as sharing holidays tips or accommodation without cash.

We use the foundations of "fair trade" to encourage our friends and members to activate fairtrade principles in their transactions to help local farmers. "Good quality food = Good and Healthy life, bad food = bad and unhealthy life".


  1. Consulting (e-Business, Start-ups, Follow ups, expansions) from $250 /hour,

  2. Online Education (book follow up, Fair Trade, Alliances) from $150 /month,

  3. General Web Services (PC clubs, Support groups, Discussion groups, Crowdfund), from $38 /month.

  4. NOTE: Services are paid by fairtrade investors to reduce our members fees if they agree to pay back or sign another conditions of the trade.

Friday, February 3, 2017

E-marketing Consumers' club for discounts promotion

A marketing app to support sales discount campaigns sponsonsored by consumer hubs (and/or fundraising groups) with third party points of sale earning consumer trust faster than traditional advertising with just 25% upfront investment and 'cero' extra fees.

Biocybernetic deployment of 4th level networks to gain market trust. On it. Companies will help discount clubs formed by consumers to support local and international crowdfunding efforts.

It includes the consulting service to tailor it to your target audiences plus:
1- Consumer newsletters promotion.
2- Campaign engineering.
3- Smart advertising tailored to the consumers' interests.
4- Available upgrades for realtime monitoring.

1- Sales team training.
2- Digital tools tweaking.
3- Third party point of sale.
4- Website integration.
5- Media release production.
6- Free generic app.
7- Upgrade available for private app.

Customers of this service:
1- Consumer and/or fundraising hubs (memberships from $150).
2- Farmers (membership from $250).
3- Businesses -SMBs- (membership from $450).
4- Big business (year membership from $1,500).

1- Consulting fees from $450 /hour.
2- Sale % commission.
3- Membership from $150 /year.

Interested? Talk to us: www.lftaustralia.com

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Your BIG savings can make a BIG change in the WORLD!

Your BIG savings can make a BIG change!
You save over $800 when you buy help-desk support from LFT and we will donate the first 30 memberships, plus 20% from the next 50 memberships and $30 from each new membership after the 150 new members have signed in this innovative crowdfunding system to raise $3,500!

When you buy from www.lftaustralia.com.au you are helping the project in Ethiopia:
- Dakota clinic for woman having baby
- Clinic protection against the hyenas
- Blind school books in Azaze

This is not only helping the programs in Ethiopia: it will help local farmers in Australia too. We help them build emergency funds to pay emergency bills and grow a system to pay-off their debts. HELP Ethiopia and HELP our local farms!

Monthly subscription "PC support" (monthly $38 -stop when you want- NO CONTRACT, NO questions asked) you get a fantastic PC help meanwhile you help local farmers with your payments to LFT-Australia. It's a win win situation!

What others offer:
- $80 call out fee plus $60 for every 20 minutes!
- Top price for hardware and software!
- NO consumer support to get better prices for your electronic services!
- NO free help-desk
- NO help to local farmers!
- They want to sell you more and more!

Note: at LFT-Australia's "PC support club" we help each other to save more and more!

What you get with us and what you save every year:
  • Crowdfunding: our PC support club is used to crowdfund for community needs locally and internationally!
  • Computer: One free review of your computer per year (save $180 /year)
  • Discounts: for service from $75 to $45 per hour or  service (save at least $150 /year)
  • Free membership: to "discussion group" about technologies (save $75)
  • Your equipments review: One Free review of your paid technologies such as tablets, phone, internet services (save $120 /year )
  • Help-desk: Six Free consulting support via email, ticket or phone (save $45 per call x6 or $270 /year )
  • Hardware: Discount in hardware you buy in our club (computers, phones, battery, etc) -save at least $50 /year-T
  • Total saved: per year is $845
When you buy from LFT-Australia, you are helping us to create emergency funds for local farmers as well as technologies for them to pay their debts! Welcome to lift fair trade (LFT)!

Buy your subscription: from $38 /month and change the world by saving lots! click here

With our compliments
  Avec nos meilleurs voeux pour vous
     Con nuestros saludos para usted

Dr. Reuben Castro
    Investment and Selection Unit
      Direction des Investissements ans Sélections
         Departamento de Inversion y Seleccion

Priv. Mobile Phone:  61 431 829 908

Text books delivery in Ethiopia

Dear our mother Margeret
How are you doing we our themselves are fine except your missing we your
children are satisfied of you, because you have already made us full by
fulfilling our needs in case of that we are obligated to write some
gratitude sentences.

We fill great responsibility when we think of your kindness you did really
nice for us to be equal with others. You are just teaching us what humanity
is. Let God do the same for you and for your friends as you just have done
for us.

Let God make youlive longers inpeace conditions. We your children love and
respect you very much.
And I attached for receiving Braille books with students.

                                        Your faith fully
                                                       Sisters, Students
and Mebratu

What's the difference between an executive summary and a business plan? - Quora

A business plan is a
detailed description of how a business will be funded, started and
operated, and how and why it will be profitable. It may cover many pages
and include statistical data, calculations, research and study results.
It will be sufficient to assist prospective investors and suppliers to
work with the business (or not).

The “executive
summary” is one or two pages which summarize the business plan (or
other detailed document) in plain language, and is usually the first
section or introduction to more detailed material. Basically, it is for
people who are too stupid, too busy, or too bored to plow through all
the details on their own.

Hope that helps.

What's the difference between an executive summary and a business plan? - Quora