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St John's Cathedral (Brisbane) - Wikipedia

St John's Cathedral (Brisbane) - Wikipedia

St John's Cathedral is the Anglican cathedral of Brisbane and the metropolitan cathedral of the ecclesiastical province of Queensland, Australia. The cathedral is situated in Ann Street in the Brisbane central business district, and is the successor to an earlier pro-cathedral, which occupied part of the contemporary Queens Gardens on William Street, from 1854 to 1904. The cathedral is the second oldest Anglican church in Brisbane, predated only by the extant All Saints church on Wickham Terrace
(1862). It is also the only existing building with a stone vaulted
ceiling in the southern hemisphere. The cathedral is listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.[2]

The cathedral is the centre for big diocesan events such as the
ordinations of priests and deacons which attract large congregations; a
parish church catering for a diverse congregation of worshipers from
around the city of Brisbane; a major centre for the arts and music with
its own orchestra, the Camerata of St John's, which holds several
concerts in the cathedral each year; and an international centre of
pilgrimage attracting over 20,000 visitors annually from around the

The choir of men and boys sing the traditional Anglican repertoire as
well as more adventurous fare. The cathedral also possesses a four
manual pipe organ, the largest cathedral organ in Australia, which hosts
many recitalists from across the world: Pearson's design (and
stone-vaulting) creates a five-second reverberation making organ-music
particularly resonant.

St John's Cathedral is unique in Australia as the completion of the
building design was achieved through collaboration between clergy,
stonemasons and architects over a period of almost 100 years, as with
Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals in the Middle Ages and, more recently,
20th century cathedrals such as Liverpool Cathedral in England, St John the Divine in New York and Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC.

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