Monday, December 4, 2017

SquashfsErrors - Community Help Wiki

SquashfsErrors - Community Help Wiki

Causes and Solutions

These errors can be due to a variety of reasons:
  • bad memory modules (solution: use memtest86+ to check your memory)
  • a bad dvd drive (solution: if possible, try using a different cd/dvd drive)
  • bad data cable (solution: change it for a new one)
  • bad media (solution: try burning the iso image to a new disc)
  • a corrupted iso image (solution: run an md5 checksum, and if they don't match, download the iso image again)

Temporary Workarounds

Some users
have reported that adding the ide=nodma or acpi=off allowed them to work
around this issue (which proved to be bad memory modules). You might
want to give that a try

Successful boot was achieved by adding "all_generic_ide" to the grub boot line for the live CD.

can add those lines to the grub entry, either in the grub.conf file or
either entering letter 'e' on the grub menu and after editing Control+x
to boot:
Add to the grub line:
all_generic_ide pci=nommconf
Add to the kernel line:
ide=nodma acpi=off

More information about the problem in grub can be found here:

If is not a HW problem and you can probe it

If you definitely found that is not a HW issue, add you comment with all the logs and evidence you can get to Launchpad bug #172937

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