Friday, January 12, 2018

Páramos Water for Life HD - YouTube

Paramo: a high, treeless plateau in tropical South America. The treeless regions adjacent to the cold zone usually are referred to as paramos (high plains), above which begin the nevados (snowcapped peaks)

(103) Páramos Water for Life HD - YouTube

Sources (mostly in Spanish):
  1. "Minesa confirma entrega del EIA a la Anla; ambientalistas invitan a marcha el 6 de octubre":
  2. Santurban Paramo:
  3.  Bogota:
  4. "Water or Gold": 
  5. Minesa interview:
  6. Minesa social nets: click here 
Possible Biocybernetic Solution:
  1. Virtual Government (enable v-govs in the region using cloud computing).
  2. Check reports from Industry, Community Groups and mediate.
  3. Finance local economies.
  4. Develop "sustainable funds" to sponsor or pay for non-aligned scientists' services.
  5. Exchange information about this issue in Canada, Australia, USA and Colombia.
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