Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Biggest Deal In The History Of Dragons' Den

Training 2 at LFT 

(proposed 1/June/2018)

Check how your neurons get exited, but follow the tutorial DO NOT jump any step.

---- Neural pathway test starts here -----

Read the top dog, shark, dragon investors' deal:
1- Read how to invest in Bitcoin like a shark investor: click me
2- Give it 5 minutes for the information to load in your brain. -stop here-
3- It is incredible, how millionaires capitalise in the opportunities and left other with nothing!
4- How to you feel about it? Write how you feel in a piece of paper. -stop here-
5- Would you invest the couple of hundreds on that idea? -stop here-
6- Go to their page and try to explore how to do it.
7- No luck, well, maybe is because:----- read next point...
8- Read the reviews: click me -stop here-

9- Do you remember how LFT was used to pay a family farm (Queensland, Australia) debt of over $300k?
10- You have the method (from training 1) use it! Talk to us!

How you can open your account for real life traders:
a) Study the LFT method
b) Play the game at
c) Post your idea to get investors attention (in the game)
d) Negotiate a solution with the gamers.
e) Open your 'development pack' sponsored by your investor
f) Achieve network potential
g) Hit the business angels and venture capital firms or Crowdfund! -among others
h) Grow baby grow!

You see? From a game (protected and secured environment) to a Fuc*ing real freek*ng LIFE!

Avoid others to tell you: So long, suckers!

---- Neural pathway test finishes here -----

We started this virtual reality online game in 2004: since then we can move the virtual bucks into 'flight miles', loyalty points, donations, free food, accommodation or cash. Our first virtual investors in the game had access to a couple of hundreds to buy a crazy and odd idea in 2009 called bitcoin (11 coins for just $1)... more things are happening, bitcoin was only the beginning...



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