Friday, August 30, 2013

Walk or run 11.9 miles in Coolangatta

Did you get the invite this week? the link of the run or walk: or click here

Then we relax at the beach with some stretches.

Anthony de Mello (exercise)

Fantastic spiritual exercise:

Praying body and soul: methods and practices of Anthony de Mello

30 November, 1999 In this step-by-step exercise book Anthony de Mello SJ uses gentle physical exercises, scriptural contemplation and humorous symbolic stories to teach us how we can experience true happiness.

117pp.  Columba press.  Tto purchase this book online, go to


Friday, August 16, 2013

Coffee after walk in Southbank

Saturday at 7 am
coffee at 8:30 am
Which one of the following????
209 Boundary St
West End (Brisbane)
(07) 3846 7233
336-338 Montague Rd
West End (Brisbane)
(07) 3010 3000
28-30 Bank St
West End
(07) 3846 4652

Zen Meditation

Still not confirm for this afternoon at 3:30 PM:

Jogging in redcliffe

Today at 10:30 am


Redcliffe jetty 9.6km

Redcliffe, QLD, Australia
good mostly flat run that starts right beside the water.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Leverage in symphonic movements

Today we'll study the value of patience and discipline when building leverage. We'll take the "movement principle" from the episodes that compose a symphony. The scenario will be the points of sale of farmers in cities. The goal -to achieve a middle point to negotiate between parties that have been diametrically opposed.

Leverage composition with local 'points of sale', in this example,  it has at least 4 movements: the farmer's story, admin goal, the mediator and cat-belling.

For this particular leverage exercise the main actors (administrators and farmers) have had their very well marked differences that could have brought their relations to an abrupt end when the parts conducted their own negotiations without mediation services.

There were as well the casual opportunists that tried -unsuccessfully- to rid the parts from their isolated and unmovable positions. Organisations, staff and other individuals have not been able to allow a half-way-meeting point from where both sides of the story are equally respected and acknowledged.

LFT requested the discipline of our members and engineered the movements (or episodes) to define: (a) rules, (b) negotiation posts, (c) objectives and (d) ways to make it happen through the equal cooperation of the 2 parties.

Without failing into intrusion nor pushing to comply with the needs that we represent, our biocybenertic system developed the suitable openness for the unmovable parties to become more flexible and agreed to reach common grounds in less than 2 weeks.

PS: as said before, others aimed to achieved what we did for many years and through sour frustrations spending not only time but money and wasting their good names... Clearly adding biocybernetics (mathematical algorithmic neural interactions) in the communicative element, the brain perceives less stress and fear and therefore, its more apt for flexible and soft changes.

a side info: Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven) was used when typing this data

Thursday, August 1, 2013

And liberty plucks justice by the nose

"We have strict statutes and most biting laws.
The needful bits and curbs to headstrong weeds,
Which for this nineteen years we have let slip;
Even like an o'ergrown lion in a cave,
That goes not out to prey. Now, as fond fathers,
Having bound up the threatening twigs of birch,
Only to stick it in their children's sight
For terror, not to use, in time the rod
Becomes more mock'd than fear'd; so our decrees,
Dead to infliction, to themselves are dead;
And liberty plucks justice by the nose;
The baby beats the nurse, and quite athwart
Goes all decorum"

How it is possible that while youngsters are selling their websites or apps for billions of dollars, our decrepit economies are laying out the paths to unemployment, endagering our families and increasing the suffering chances for the new generations?

You maybe substitude by a cheaper employee from overseas doing the job of 3 people and being paid less than half yuor wage, or maybe you'll be simply replaced by an computer or an app? IS THS WHY WE  WORKED SO HARD IN INFOTECHS? Of course not, we worked for freedom of choice!

"And liberty plucks justice by the nose" said the duke Vincentio in Shakespeare's 'Measure to measure'. LFT-Australia has relinquished all itsassets and ownerships to (a non fr proffit group) asking only for a $1 /week rent.

I this way, we want to show that there is hope in our economies, that we should value our farmers more and that we CAN turn the events that reward the big financial criminals by investing in ourselves with the help of our local farmers.

If we succeeded in creating fast communications, I believe there is room for humanism in our financial cooperative way how LFT started lending it's assets and funds to complete strangers without any documentation, just by valuing "trust"!