Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alternative Economies and how we got 1.5 acres last week

It's incredible how communication can make or break opportunities. Last week we were invited to a presentation of banner brokers (review), instead we kept going in our own system at LFT-Australia and before the end of the week we traded our skills for accomodation.

Farmer Kevin agreed to give us 1.5 acres of land to live indefinitely if I:

  1. design a genetic algorithm (as a volunteer from LFT) to help him explore options for him to invest in from our network
  2. help the farm to grow (some consulting services from LFT and it's members)
  3. review his plans and suggest other options
Only when considerable financial steps -this is money from LFT, at least $80k- can come to Kevin, he will give me the title of the property.

Well, in your face red paper clip! The next day another farmer offered the same deal and we are expecting more doing it. That shows the flexibility of new economies and trading systems based in "information hitches" coming from the business gym of LFT-Australia.

Car Rally  (or through video online)

Cost $150

You get:
  1. Access to LFT-Australia
  2. Free training material
  3. Get to know the farms
  4. How we work with them
  5. What is the opportunity for you
NOTE: We shave our wages = The earnings are used to help our farmers pay their debts

Were do we have rallies:
  1. Queensland
  2. New South Wales
  3. Western Australia
Buy you rally ticket: some rally's are just a speech of our farmers in a coffee shop, so don't worry if you don't want to drive the whole day!

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