Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Farm Contingency Plan" a conference of Farmers

FARM CONTINGENCY PLAN is a permanent conference ran by LFT-Australia and it's volunteers with the goal to search, evaluate and set up alternatives for our farmers to diversify their:
  1. economy
  2. markets
  3. influence

Who is part of the guest speackers:
  1. Farmers and pastoralists
  2. Key business groups connected or related to agriculture
  3. Government and community leaders
  4. Rural businesses

The conference deals with with:
  1. Globalisation and Free trade agreements: how it's affecting the economy of the farm?
  2. Market, promotion and advertising: can farms compete in a corporate world?
  3. Debt management: consumers can shave their earnings and support a farm get out of the slavery of debt?

  • Examine the problems affecting our farms giving farmers a voice
  • Explore alternatives to diversify the farm access to funding
  • Select prospective key business to raise an emergency fund for the local farmers involved
  • Cooperation and Leadership
  • Professional development
  • Managing communication with consumer
The conference will advance the objectives by:
"exploring better answers to the crisis affecting our farms while fostering the development and improvement of economy diversification; promoting diversification of alternatives by boosting closer connections with local and international businesses to develop their potential; defending and promoting respect for human rights." 

First conference (trial): 31-October-2013 to 30-November-2013

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cathie_kelly said...

Sounds promising for farmers - and those who like to eat!