Friday, November 24, 2017

Land clearing: a great opportunity to show alternatives

Land Clearing is a serious business: the business is part of an economic development plan that power economies to finance lobby groups' push or remove laws in their favour to make better proffits.
Financial meltdown or game theory dynamics? This "meltdown" is giving the change for new alternative economies brew solutions. In the case of "land Clearing" you need to hack the ways for an alternate economic system that can fuel the exploration, study, evaluation, testing and real life evidence of what can work and what cannot work or what can create better proffits.

In this  way  bloated economies: are giving the chance to more fit, flexible & functional economies that are based in human, mathematics and natural cycles to leverage their actions by real life solutions previously tested and proven viable following the scientific method building proffits.

The digital new market mechanism:
Interaction: of the biocybernetic element, virtual reality, chaos theory, game theory (Nash's equilibrium) with systemics (Mario Bunge) all inside in "experimental economic laboratories" evaluating positions, goals, needs and results before they go public is not only good for our politicians, our governments, our investors but good for the creation of a lobby group that can have  the same tools and benefits as the traditional lobby systems (financial support, economy and economic development systems).

Nano elements: book club, dicussion, coffee or dinner fundraising, walk + health mornings (fundraising), etc.

Macro elements: software solutions, investment for regional development, job creation projects, international interactions with users, virtual digital properties, digital properties real estate, etc, etc, etc.

Practical Example: from small dinner foundraisings creating $500 to wider plans such as "20 digital properties" (system for project coordination online) have an average cost of $25,000 for a 3 to 5 years lease. Half a million dollars  are placed overnight giving a 20% share to the pro-tree  lobby group. Sofware solutions with a value of $35,000 to activate local or global economies  are placed, generating $1.5M from 3 countries, 25% is shared  with the pro-tree pro wildlife  lobby group. And so on...

Non-violence: the most important bit is that the system is not against anybody, it's in favour ofbuilding a stronger economy with more proffits generation hubs. That's why it invites individuals, cooperatives,  corporations, investment groups and community groups as well as government agencies to participate.


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