Saturday, December 16, 2017

OpenELEC Mediacenter - Download

OpenELEC Mediacenter - Download

Download OpenELEC

OpenELEC provides builds for many different types of hardware;
please read below carefully to select the correct one. Builds are
provided in two formats:

  1. Manual update files for existing installations (filename ends in .tar)
  2. USB installer diskimage files (filename ends in .img.gz)
Installer .img files are hard-disk images not CD-Rom (ISO) disc images. You cannot create bootable CDs from them.

If you are new to OpenELEC, check out the installation guide on the Wiki.

Builds are status tagged as follows:

  • [Stable] refers to the current supported stable release.
  • [Beta] refers to the current beta release; these may contains bugs and experimental features.
  • [Candidate] is a release candidate; we believe it contains no bugs.
  • [Legacy] refers to older stable releases.
  • [Unofficial] refers to a builds that are not provided or supported by the OpenELEC project staff.

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