Friday, June 22, 2018

Building a product for the electronic market?

At LFT-Aus. you can build your own product using our virtual reality (VR) platform and testing in our online VR game.

Don't waste your life running blind on the net. Talk to our engineers and experience staff about how to avoid all the hassles.

What's included:
1- Product design (tuition).
2- Product alpha and beta creation (training).
3- Real life testing using VR elements (experience).
4- Protect your pocket, time, motivation and good name (consulting).
5- Launch your product to the electronic market (mentoring).
6- Build strategic alliances (mentoring).
7- Seek funding or negotiate options (training plus coaching).

Fees from $7,900 for 60 days of service. Option:
1- Full fee.
2- Buy your entry from $4k, pay as you go, or
3- Entry from $2k, pay as you go and offering a 3% revs. share to LFT.

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