Thursday, July 12, 2018

LFT's MidLife

Is an online virtual reality game platform where your wildest dreams can come truth. You can build games or participate in ones already running. In the games, you will be using virtual cash so your pocket is not at risk. The great part of it is that the online v-cash could become goodies you can enjoy off the line :)

You can be an investor, a researcher a detective, etc. The roles are endless. Clues will be placed in public or private locations (depends on game owner), for example, a memory stick was placed in an specific place of a train in Frankfurt for a gamer to collect and discover the next clue. Another memory stick was left in a meditation room where a gamer was relaxing, etc.

Companies may include adverts and clues to the mystery you are playing with  in the game. Locations and GPS (for mobile devices) are used in bigger games in New York and Barcelona, where you need to be in an specific place to reach the goal or get the tool or clue for the game's solution path.

Some of our gamers are even talking to real life governments, corporations, etc. Sometimes you can lose track of reality and game art, so be careful! You only need a phone (land line), computer or mobile device (phone, tablet, etc).

BTW, the game is used by businesses to boost staff's morale and motivation as well as consumers' loyalty, trust or interest.

Cheers and good luck in your game!


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