Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Avatars in LFT's drimngo are loading $1.5m to help entrepreneurs. don't miss out!

"Because -the- very optimistic entrepreneur needs a dose of reality now and then" Neil P.

Spoil-alert: Web designers and Graphic designers are NOT business developers. If you want to go online to the new web-app and virtual reality market read this doc.

Remember: that only one of every 5 websites remains active and productive in one year. A huge 90% of startups collapse. Over 80% of websites are left to die in less than 6 months. IN this day and age of Apps and Web-Apps if you think that websites are enough , you are living in 1998! And your competition will take full advantage of that!

Proposal: Are you starting or upgrading a business to better markets? Are you considering to increase your market share in the App world? We have good news for you:

A bunch of avatars at LFT's drimngo (dream and go), a virtual reality game are funding your support to step up in the big leagues with:
  1. E-marketing: plans to connect faster with buyers.
  2. Website review: what you can improve or build.
  3. Web-App creation: virtual reality access to markets and networks.
  4. App review: or creation for iOS or Android only.
  5. Training: how to handle it all from your phone.
  6. Business development: support tools, seminars and connections hub.
  7. Software: protection and security.
  8. Bio-Cyber Backup servers: the right professional backup engineering backbone for your business and for your peace of mind against cyberattacks.
  9. CRM: customer relationships manager software to follow your clients and sales options with artificial intelligence.
  10. Networking: networking, networking...
We finance: your dream to convert your digital presence of website, mobile devices and virtual reality into sales. And if that's not enough: you will make your life far easier to keep the sales pipeline healthy with permanent promotion campaigns in the network using Fractal Marketing

No pain: The packs start from $1,200 to up to $7,900. The deals are no debt no risk.

To know more: contact us from www.lftaustralia.com


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