Monday, April 30, 2018

#lftbris24 online virtual reality game

"Who wants to build a millionaire"?

It's an online virtual reality game with a practical method how to build wealth using v-cash. It follows the example of trading game in an online system that you can track fro your mobile devices.

Entry fee: from $50, investors can buy more resources if needed.

-Training; "how it works".
-Post your idea; via email.
-Follow up; @, Social media, Linkedin, LFT.

Participants / Goals:
a)Fair dinkum Investor --> the investor goal is to build a portfolio by sponsoring ideas online. "Creating the next millionaires"!
b)Business --> the business wants to attract the investor's attention.
c)Individual --> The individual seeks to promote his/her career.

a)Player must have a linkedin account, twitter and social networks access.
b)All players need an LFT account.
c)Final goal is to develop potentials to interact with venture capital firms or prospective employers (for individuals).

Training packs:
1-LFT-Australia; 'how it works'.
2-Virtual Cash (V-cash); 'from $1 to $1,000'.
3-Software; 'the computer blood'.
4-Neural Networks; 'how the brain connects'.
5-Bitcoin and V-cash; 'the new world of finance'.

1)F-Investor (FI): a fair dinkum investor is developing a portfolio of local businesses to produce wealth. She buys in the game obtaining resources from LFT aiming to get a repayment from the businesses when they start to grow.
2)Business: want to attract FI's and VC firms.
3)Individuals: Seeks to upgrade otions to improve his/her career prospects.

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