Friday, April 27, 2018

We are all indigenous

This project aims to foster the 'indigenous' nature of humanity wherever we are: we are 'indigenous to this planet". In that sense we can claim a right and a duty to protect the legacy of ancient cultures that can bring a headstart for the generations to come and avoid the errors from the past.

It aims to build the connection points with the main public in areas such as: economic, culture, social and environmental awareness. Those 'connecting points' are placed offline and online through web-apps using EA (enterprise architecture), VR (virtual reality) and Biocybernetics. and Neural Sciences. such as ANN's (artificial neural networks).

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy experience from Australia gave us the basic steps to explore how this 'enterprise architecture' for a 'digital indigenous embassy' can be designed and built upon ethical principles.

We aim to foster one digital embassy in each state and involve the residents of the area with economic, cultural and social options by sharing information from previous inhabitants of that land and how they managed to thrive.

-more info soon-

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