Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Internet Experience

I may not be a billionaire, but I have had a great Internet experience in my life. Moved from unpleasant closed economies in the third world to a more open world wide economy, living in more flexible and cooperative environments.

How that happened? It was nothing new; I've just used biocybernetics to update the knowledge of Sun Wu, tweaking it from my own experience on how to survive a civil war and implement it on the Internet as my key to achieve higher and more noble results.

First, you must image yourself on a war-like environment. Here are the basics of that system:
  1. keep alive: secure your position or else you are death meat (use common sense to avoid risk)
  2. know who you talk to: filter your friends or face the consequences (your mouth can kill you)
  3. have something handy: keep hold of something of value handy (you can trade your way out/in with it)
  4. learn to close deals quickly: be effective or be misunderstood and die... never waste precious time (never look back, look forward)

With those 4 qualities, I was able to survive war and later on, set up businesses to get me where I am today. Now, when we are retiring from software trading and brokerage. we are releasing this system in learning modules.

A better Internet experience will get you better information to learn how to move forward, be more efficient and better connected to the world wide network offered by it.

Just remember this: if you are not using the Internet to better your life/business, then the net or someone else is using you (even if you don't notice it).

NO time? think it twice...

Funny eh?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Postwar and business development

Surviving is not enough on a business. You must win! Let's make a comparison with a war environment (that I literally had to live); if you had the bad luck to be in the middle of war you need to keep in mind 3 corner stones:
  1. Your position: if you are not well positioned, you are doomed, a bomb or bullet can come to finish you.
  2. Your friends: you need to be careful to whom you talk to, or else... you will taste the results of bad positioning.
  3. Your leverage: having the power to negotiate can save your neck and protect those who you care for.
When you manage those 3, you gain 'reputation' and can move a bit more freely and secured. Then and only then you can showcase your value and run less risk to be troubled by some angry combatant.

Well, that was war survival for me when I was younger in El Salvador, now, coming back to business, it applies almost in the exact way. Your position, is your market position; your friends, are your contacts' networks and your leverage is your capacity to negotiate with others to create business opportunities.

The reputation you earn on a business can increase dramatically all the benefits of your marketing efforts with less costs for your advertising

But first, let's see how this actually helped me from where I was 15 years ago:
  1. Penniless in a third world country
  2. Without good connections
  3. No opportunities in the horizon
  4. Victim of a merciless and inflexible economy
Where I am now:
  1. Living and funding businesses in Australia and other countries.
  2. Inviting people to use the flexibility of the Online economy to save money and make money.
  3. Traveling the world, bringing the freedom message of sustainable development to people, organizations and businesses.
We have retired from the hassle of software development to a more relaxed position funding a club for managers and CEOs in Australia. This gave us the capacity to train people and businesses on how to use the Online economy to reach their goals.

Our members finance most of the fees for people in the third world and -in developed countries- we offer a flexible plan to get this education (the 3 corner stones described above). 

Education is key to avoid ignorance and waste of time. Having the Internet but lacking the skills to make it a real resource for your own development is like having a car without knowing how to drive it!

Plans start from $750 for 3 months and can go up to $20,800 (for advertising modules) per year to cover the learning materials, support and education resources. No contracts, no interest to pay and you pay what you can afford or its absolutely free for you if you cannot afford it.

Visit to learn how to drive the Internet in your favour! We'd love to help!

Note: benefits paid to us are shared with local schools and community groups.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Classic Escape Holidays... yes or no?

We would like to buy something like Classic Holidays for us and our Managers and CEOs' network. It means that we will be using the system for personal and rewards in our club. We can present the product to our network and help the holidays' club to prosper. That gave us the chance to negotiate with them and get a good deal for myself and a nice % sales in our network.

Before we proceed, we had to do our homework, 'cause we cannot sell something without being sure its good value for money for us and our members.

Here are some of the data recovered this afternoon from our servers:

Technical flaws of issues that triggered security warnings on the product presented to us to buy from classic holidays by Nov/2012:

  • Just few good stories from users, most bad than good stuff found online
  • Minimal likes (1,000) on a 55,000 members
  • Bad admin? The domain redirects to a admin page on wordpress php site. 
  • The name changes from 'classic holidays' from 'classic escape' which triggers an alarm in our security browsers, 
  • Internal security issues, we where given a paper no take notes, on the meeting at Classic Holidays, with details of another member's credit card full INFO!
  • Forbidden? the domain goes to a FORBIDDEN 403 network
  • Redirects? Classic Holidays domain redirects to showing asymmetry on the data file
  • Bookings are being managed from a third database service under a 'exchange service' . If 3rd party goes down or changes happen there, cost may go up or system can fall down faster than a carts house.

Conclusions: we got a deal for 10 years, plus $178 /year for 10 years for account keeping. On average, price per week is $190 (on the club); out of the club can go to $800. The downside: booking are CLOSED to AVAILABILITY meaning you need to fix your holidays to WHEN time is available in the hotel, not the other way around.

What others have said from our servers and members search:

Alarm bells are ringing:
"We have just signed up and having read half way through this thread I am yet to find anyone who has signed and been on a holiday and got back to the thread on it. Yes it is very suss that all the people standing up for the company appear to be once only posters (which is what I may be doing as I only found this site because like many others I was concerned about what I was getting myself into). I am balanced in my outlook. I would like what they are saying to be true, but the more I read on the more I find nobody saying how fantastic it all is, and many people bailing out. Alarm bells are ringing..."

Not really convinced, so pulled out!: -click here-
"Short of getting in touch with a few members who are not employees of the company and hearing about some positive experiences we will exercise our right to a refund of the deposit and may or may not use the voucher.
My advice - If you can get together a group of people to share in the cost of the membership and all those people can afford to gamble their share on possibly getting a few good holiday arrangements over the 15 year period then it's probably worth the risk, because over 15 years you can probably work the system to get you a good deal on at least a few occassions." kiwihaydz

Ladybird2008 says "forget it":
"I have to agree with the above. They are lying scammers that just want your money. WE too are paying off a stupid classic holidays ownership that we don't use. My biggest complaint is that I own through Interchange which is now managed by classic but not once through the presentation was I told this. I found out afterwards.This was supposed to be a new concept in timeshare. It is a big con to make us pay more for a product that we virtually already own.In my case I was lied to by non admission of this. I would have been happier if they told me that I already owned a similar product that was managed by them. It would have made them seem honest. As to why I would put this online. Talking to the company is ridiculous and gets us nowhere and stresses us out. At the end of the day we are still paying out for a product that is very similar to one I own even though we were told after we bought it this was better. It is not. They are a money grubbing dishonest company that has no intention of giving us value for money. We now rarely take holidays at all because we are paying this off and can't afford both. I want to warn as many people as possible to stay away from them. It is not worth it."

Remember the technical point from the top? Their site: htt p:// has only over 1k likes from over 55k members??? There has to be a reason for it!

Zazabel: "I wish I had got an immediate log in code instead of waiting for all this time to receive it. Now I guess it is too late to pull out. Had I been able to roam on their "members only" section of the website I would have found that I can not get ANY accommodation AT ALL from June to next March (didn't look further) in France, Italy, Switzerland etc!!!!!"

Same rates as wotif:
"My parent inlaws had a timeshare with them then were conned into selling their timeshare to Classic for $9000 but they had to buy the holiday club points thing for $20000 thus having to pay out of pocket $11000. They were told that the deals were great and the inlaws made a point of asking if the rates were cheaper than wotif. I just logged in to check it out and compare and the rates are the same as wotif but the inlaws are out pocket $11000. Please don't fall for this con. I believe it is perfectly legit but its a con and is no cheaper than wotif!!!!"

OK, so what to do? Yes or No?

Don't get me wrong, there are some good things on every product... But I suggest you to test the product first. Do not get flattered to the maths shown on the sale pitch.

We've had only good stories to tell about these guys, we've got a free accommodation in Thailand for a week in a nice hotel, so far, so good.

How to test it? Well, test the network without paying for it at least 4-5 times, then think about it. Ask them to organise 4 or 5  weeks booked not as a gift but as a guest of the sales person. Then, and only then, work your conclusions. We'll do the same today... we'll ask the sales rep to give us a better try of the product and we'll update you later on about what happened!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Greed Solution

"Absolute greed has come close to bankrupting the world. Thanks to the crisis that certain businesses have dumped on everyone a lot of people are going to suffer on a global scale. All of us must learn. It is all the more important that those business leaders that are left standing try to be a force for good.”
 Branson (source)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

micro-meet (the tool for businesses to save time in monkey business)

LFT-Australia has added micro-meeting which is similar to micro blog reflecting twitter but is more personal. The idea is to connect key people who can have an online discussion about a topic which is of importance to them.

This new innovation means business owners are creating better and more precise “networking connectivity” within the local/international business world in a climate where there are so many websites, facebooks etc that it is difficult to be differentiated, noticed and heard. This allows business operators, and individuals, to create relationships with potential clients, suppliers, patrons and interested parties.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Essenes

English: open it on Chrome


This is a simple exercise that somehow reflects the principles of Tai Chi. 
's very easy to do and can be done at any time of day, preferably when you are very stressed or can not get rid of certain thought. 
idea generally will allow the body to flow and move to the music. 
need to do one or more songs, classical music or New Age, not strident or upset you, but are basically sedatives. 
melodies We recommend the woodwinds and strings, nature sounds, soothing voices, ... 
The exercise consists of the following steps: 
Perform the exercise in a dark room or semi-dark and turns on the music you've chosen to respect, so that the volume is to your liking. 
Do not be afraid to put the volume up if you see it "calls" the body. 
starts dancing foot, arms along the body. 
For a moment, just listening to music, do not still. Breathe deeply three times, possibly as the final part of controlling the breathing exercise. Then start moving your feet to the music, as you want. 
Keep in mind that the body should move as you "ask", so do not be shy limits or anything. 
Maintain this movement for a few minutes. 
then throw in the movement of the feet, the legs. 
Move them as you like, the important thing is that you feel totally free, so do not worry about rhythmic movements or esthetic. 
Do as I quit listening to the music within. 
Muévete during few minutes. 
past the movement for a while throw in the hips, waist, abdomen and the lower back. 
Baila relaxed your body is letting you take the rhythm and movements. 
You do not have to think about anything. 
well Enjoy for a few minutes. 
then just add to the body parts that are already moving, the trunk of your body. Do not hesitate to make moves that arise and take a moment to enjoy it. 
then you're ready to move with the body parts that are already moving, arms and hands. 
Be original, do not stand in conventions, listening to your inner guidance and let me show you what it's like dancing you're doing. 
Obey all of you without shame. Free your body and your mind. At last we are also ready to introduce movement with your neck and head on the floor. 
now your whole body has to move breaking free of any limitations. Keep dancing for several minutes. 
Enjoy your body! To finish, start lifting arms and hands slowly up; while swinging you aside and the other as if you were a tree in the wind. 
rolling Let keep pace has picked your body to the music you are listening . 
and after several minutes, go back down the arms to the starting position to put the ball. 
finish So as you started: listening without moving a few minutes of music. After that you can turn on the light. 
You will find that you are much better and more relaxed. It is certainly a very effective exercise that only requires a little practice. The more you practice the better the results.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Magic and the brain

  • Magic tricks often work by covert misdirection, drawing the spectator’s attention away from the secret “method” that makes a trick work.
  • Neuroscientists are scrutinizing magic tricks to learn how they can be put to work in experimental studies that probe aspects of consciousness not necessarily grounded in current sensory reality.
  • Brain imaging shows that some regions are particularly active during certain kinds of magic tricks.
"   source

Precision advertising

If you want to enjoy the sweetness of the honey combs, you don't kill the bees! You go to the source, you MUST move the queen! Same with advertising, you either go one by one, following the traditional online/offline advertising school, carrying all the costs or you use precision granular advertising systems (PAGS) that costs much less and, by definition, are far more precise.

PAGS connects your business to key people from highly page-ranked sites to drive more attention, traffic and cooperation to your business. PAGS creates a communication infrastructure on a talkshow-like blog environment making you the centre of the conversation. Without it, it may have taken you years to meet those people but on the system you can do this in weeks!

LFT's PAGS (precision advertising granular systems) allows highly defined precision on who you want to attract by engaging with highly ranked projects that drives traffic and attention if you play your cards well and negotiate at their level.

As almost all technologies. The satellite pinpointing systems started being used in agriculture and war environments proven efficiency and quality to save resources and lifes.

Here's a definition directed from our previous experience of over 15 years:
"Precision advertising or satellite advertising is a business management concept based on observing and responding to intra-network variations on the market and page-ranking. Today, precision advertising is about whole business management with the goal of optimizing returns on inputs while preserving resources. It relies on new technologies like satellite imagery, information technology, and geospatial tools. It is also aided by business owners’ ability to locate their precise position in a market using satellite and network positioning system like the GPS or other GNSS."

Precision advertising aims to optimize market-level management with regard to:
  • network science: by matching business practices more closely to market needs (e.g. better contacts' inputs);
  • financial protection: by reducing financial risks to maintain advertising systems and time-waste of business networking (e.g. support fund available);
  • economics: by boosting competitiveness through more efficient practices (e.g. improved management of advertising usage and other inputs).
Precision advertising also provides business owners with a wealth of information to:
  • build up a record of their business;
  • improve decision-making;
  • foster greater traceability
  • enhance marketing of business products
  • improve cooperation arrangements and business relationships
  • enhance the inherent quality of advertising (e.g. creating closer connections)
It brings profound social and psychological benefits as well:
  • more confidence by linking with top profile people
  • increased self-esteem while doing so
  • improved business' relationships satisfaction
  • creations of balanced business societies with more access to markets
Note: for the members of our club, access to such technologies are drop from hundreds of dollars per week to just a nominal figure to be involved. To start please request an invitation from

Our Ethics: To help new business start-ups or low income people to benefit from this advertising system, our club allows access equality and you pay only what you can afford.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

LFT granular ads

Powerful Granular advertising
Computers have reduced the need of army presence in war by pinpointing targets. On the other hand, in business, advertise directly into a granular and committed audience of business managers and CEOs executives in decision making positions makes more sense that frugal ads online.

Using a micro targeting trough biocybernetics, you connect to key managers of high ranked pages to improve your market presence, traffic acquisition chances and negotiations with less waste.

For non-members, $150 /30 min. Members packages are reduced up  to 90% with funding access for:
- campaigns
- adaptations
- optimization
- design
- targeting
- triangulation
- geo or demographic targeting
- link hunt

Club membership
- free (access)
- basic ($35 /year plus 2 posts)
- freemium (from $150 /year plus webhost)

Tony de Mello

In the slumps of Calcutta, Father De Mello met a rickshaw puller called Ram Chandra who had just sold his skeletons (in advance) to a buyer for $10. This buyer had asked what Ram Chandra did for a living and how long he had been a rickshaw puller, which Ram said "ten years". On hearing that, the buyer reckoned he could get Ram's skeletons soon as most rickshaw men dies after 12 years in the trade. So the buyer paid Ram $10. Ram used this money to feed the family.
To most of us, this is really sad and dreadful, but when Father De Mello spoke to Ram, he was not at all sad. There was no fear in Ram and he said that everything is going well. "But how about your family and children...etc?" asked Father, and Ram replied that all was well and that he would just do what he could and leave the rest to God. That man was fearless! Father realised that he was in front of a mystic! Ram lived like a King and lived every moment to the fullest. He was alive! "I was dead", Father De Mello said, referring to the time when he was still not awakened.
Can all of us live like Ram Chandra? Can every of our moment be a bliss? Every single moment? "No it is not possible. There will be ups and downs and there will be some difficult moments. Some of you may think that way. Then, your life is in a mess!" Father said.
Father said that we set off in life agreeing that life is not a bliss and we end in a life that is a mess!
"Some of you here may not agree with that. You don't want to change. You don't want to know. If you don't want to know and don't want to listen, I don't want to change you. I can't change you. "Bye", Father De Mello said.
"There is a saying, 'Don't teach pigs how to sing. You are wasting your time, and you irritate the pig.' "

Friday, November 9, 2012

Brisbane y Macondo

Y venia huyendo del sabor dulce y amargo del de la sonoridad politica del tambor que recorde desde ninho en mis soledades sin cuento escondidas en las esquinas de la casa de la Mama Rosa, la madre de mi abuela en cuya cama amanecia todos los dias de mi infancia antes de dejarla cuando cumplidos 7 anhos, los muertos, que se convertian en la fascinacion de ninhos, donde la supersticion a la guerrilla que con rigor nos querian imponer, nos entrego a un mundo que buscaba la paz o la utopia de la rendicion.

Casi 20 anhos despues tube otra oportunidad de re-encontrarla, ahora su nombre era Marcela. La vi caminar hacia mi, ya sabia que era Colombiana y cada paso sentia el calor y el olor de Macondo, los delirios imaginarios en mis fiebres en la selva Mexicana en la Tandona y trate de escapar, no queria verla, pues me abria camino a mis memorias akashicas como decia mi madre.

Las matematicas me habia hecho confundir la realidad con la imaginacion y no sabia si esta mujer habia sido un despojo de aquellos escritos embrujados a  manos de Freire, Boff, el Gabo o el Che... Queria olvidar a Melquiades, a Romero, a Marcos, al tio Fabio y al abuelo... Solo sabia que tenia que terminar mi obra, un punto o una coma en la literatura social que, por fortuna (aunque muchos lo contradicen) me toco vivir y ella, Marcela, traeria ese aleph como tornasol que ilumina y proteje.

En sus ojos, casi sin saberlo, habian reflejos del Bogotazo, de las matanzas bananeras y las ballenas, delfines y monos trepando los edificios de la ciudad Australiana.  que al fin y al cabo todo esta unido.

Combativa, se instauro en mi vida. Reboltosa y revolucionaria me invito a un exilio, a huir de mis deseos en un pais de pleno consumismo, me confundio al principio, pero depues me deje llevar por sus insondable narraciones, fabulas sin fin y las memorias idealisadas de America Latina que mi abuelo sonho, pero una bala efimera mato un suenho, pero no una semilla.

La fuerza desatada de su vision la llevo a vivir junto a mi. Rompio muros, taladro barrera por mi impuestas... y anclando su barco de suenhos, me invito a sonhar.

Viviamos entre bibliotecas, salas de lectura, ventas de libros y nos veian cargar mas libros que comida en los trenes. Con su humor costenho colombiano que heredo de la poesia, y con fuerza de leona parida me dijo viendome a los ojos: "si nos ven con cara de lastima, dejalos, que piensen que no llevamos comida sino libros a la casa".

Yo, en ese momento reconoci a mi Maestra, sus cronicas y registros de como absorbia la vida me enamoraba cada momento mas y mas. 

No fueron 100 anhos, solo un apice, pero 10 anhos de soledad con un remolino de vallenatos tratando de discernir ese mensaje andino en las manos suaves de esta mujer a quien, en realidad, yo no se si hice mia, pero, tengo que confesar, si me hizo suyo...

Te dedico un fragmento, amada mia, del poeta romántico colombiano José Manuel Marroquín quien se burlo de la retórica “clasiquina” de los poetas arcádicos del XVIII:
Ahora que los ladros perran,
ahora que los cantos gallan,
y que los rebuznos burran,
y que los gorjeos pájaran
y que los silbos serenan
y que los gruños marranan
Tú en tanto duerma tranquiles
en tu rega camalada
ingratándote así burla
de las amas del que te ansia
¡Oh, ventánate a tu asoma!

Asi me ensenhaste a burlarme de mis miedos y fantasmas...